Confidentiality Person

A special role within our support department is placed with the confidentiality person. At this moment we have one member of staff registered for this role. Mr Jaap Marsman is the confidentiality person for all staff, parents and pupils within the whole school. For the primary staff and primary pupils we have a vacancy. An appointment can be made directly by emailing Mr Jaap Marsman (at or approaching him within the school when he is available in room 1.09a. The special leaflet designed for pupils in higher Primary / Secondary is available for download here in English, Dutch, French, German and Spanish.

A confidentiality person is someone who can listen and who can give information on rules and law. He or she can also give advice on how to reach a solution with an outside organisation or provide support. For pupils the confidentiality person can always provide a safe place to discuss any worries or concerns the pupil might have for a myriad of difficulties. These can include, but are not limited to, difficulty at home, worries about personal lifestyle or identity/sexuality, concerns about a classmate or bullying. For any pupil in a difficult situation, room 1.09a is the place to go to if the class teacher or mentor might not feel like the right person to discuss these matters with.

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