L2 & Mother Tongue

In the first year of the Primary cycle, all pupils choose a second language (the first foreign language), referred to as L2. The second language can be English, French or German. Pupils follow the L2 up to the end of Secondary school, where subjects as History, Geography and Economy are taught in the L2.

The starting point for L2 lessons is the common curriculum for second language acquisition. The objectives are based on the Common European Framework of Reference for Modern Foreign Languages: Learning, Teaching and Assessment. When learning the second language, attention is paid to the following skills:

listening/understanding, speaking, reading comprehension and writing. The classes offer a wide variety of language activities, covering themes related to pupils’ experiences. Wherever possible, these themes are aligned to Discovery of the World topics. The levels within one year can be very diverse and this will be taken into account within the themes. The teachers make use of a variety of resources and methods for these lessons.

A good foundation for Mother Tongue education is laid in the first years of primary school. Mother Tongue language lessons aim to develop a student’s ability to express and interpret thoughts, feelings and facts in both oral and written form (listening, speaking, reading and writing), and to interact linguistically in an appropriate way in the full range of societal and cultural contexts, education and training, work, home and leisure. Essential knowledge, skills and attitudes related to the mother tongue language lessons requires an individual to have knowledge of basic vocabulary, functional grammar and the functions of language. It includes an awareness of the main types of verbal interaction, a range of literacy and non-literacy texts, the main features of different styles and registers of language and communication in different contexts.

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