In the first year of the Primary cycle, all pupils choose a second language (the first foreign language), referred to as L2. The second language can be English, French or German. Pupils follow the L2 up to the end of Secondary school, where subjects as History, Geography and Economy are taught in the L2.

The starting point for L2 lessons is the common curriculum for second language acquisition. The objectives are based on the Common European Framework of Reference for Modern Foreign Languages: Learning, Teaching and Assessment. When learning the second language, attention is paid to the following skills:

listening, speaking, reading comprehension and writing.

The classes offer a wide variety of language activities, covering themes related to pupils’ experiences. Wherever possible, these themes are aligned to Discovery of the World topics. The levels within one year can be very diverse and this will be taken into account within the themes. The teachers make use of a variety of resources and methods for these lessons.

L2 parents' guide

Our L2 parents' guide is a fully comprehensive document explaining our approach to L2. 

Second Language (L2) Parents' Guide

L2 team

The L2 team is led by Guillaume Roux, you can find out more about the Primary L2 teachers below.

Marion Moulin

J'ai intégré l'équipe de L2 en 2015 en tant qu'enseignante de L2 français.
Enseigner le français m'a menée un peu partout dans le monde, de l'Angleterre au Canada, de l'Australie au Vietnam.
Aujourd'hui, c'est un grand plaisir de transmettre ma langue maternelle à des enfants souvent polyglottes dans un contexte multiculturel ici à ESH aux Pays-Bas.

Rebecca Slegg

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Vanessa Brown

Als Luxemburgerin bin ich mit vielen Sprachen, aber vor allem Deutsch aufgewachsen. Meine Liebe zu Sprachen hat mich auch nach England gebracht, wo ich einige Jahre lang Deutsch und Französisch an Sekundär –und Primarschulen unterrichtet habe. Hier an der ESH habe ich im Schuljahr 2013-2014 als L2 Deutschlehrerin angefangen. Mir macht meine Arbeit hier sehr viel Spaß.

Anna van Laar

I joined the ESH as a Primary teacher in 2013 after working in the North East of England, where I both qualified as a teacher and completed my Masters in Education . After a year of teaching Primary 1 at the ESH, I was given the opportunity to move into the L2 department and train as an English L2 teacher. I love working as an L2 teacher, it is a wonderfully creative and fun subject, where you see the children's second language develop and flourish.  

Guillaume Roux

J’ai intégré l’école la première année de son ouverture en 2012. J’enseigne le français L2 et je coordonne également l’enseignement de la langue seconde en cycle primaire (Français, Allemand et Anglais). J’adore enseigner et voir les élèves progresser dans leur apprentissage de la langue et devenir de plus en plus autonome. Travailler dans un contexte multiculturel et multilingue est un plaisir quotidien.

Charlotte Risgallah

Bonjour, je m'appelle Charlotte Risgallah, je suis de nationalité française. Professeur à l’Alliance Française de La Haye, j'ai eu la chance de rejoindre l’équipe enseignante de l’école Européenne l’an dernier. A mon grand plaisir, j’enseigne aujourd’hui le français seconde langue - L2 - aux enfants de l’école primaire de la classe P1 à la classe P5. 

Katie Beth Kelley

I love teaching English L2 at the ESH! After graduating with a degree in teaching foreign language from the United States, I came to Europe, my adopted continent. I have taught English at the primary and secondary level in both France and in the Netherlands. In addition to English, I speak French, Italian and Dutch. I think the possibility to learn different languages at the ESH and interact with them daily are what makes our school extra special.  


For questions about L2: contact the L2 coordinator g.roux@eshthehague.nl

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